Freeze-Dried Foods & Honey Products

Natures Element goal is to bring healthier and smarter super foods for people at the best possible price.

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying also knows as lyophilisation, is a technological process in which fruits and berries are dried in vacuum at extreme cold temperature. In these conditions frozen water in the food sublimates directly from the solid phase to the gas phase saving all the nutrients, food structure and vitamins.

Nature’s Element is Ireland leading freeze dried products supplier to shops, restaurants and other food business.  We work together with scientist from institute of horticulture to achieve the best quality of freeze dried products and to save up to 99% of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

We have our own freeze-drying facilities in Lithuania and Poland and can provide you with custom freeze dried fruits or vegetables. Please contact us for bulk pricing quotation (MOQ 20kg).

Honey & Bee Products

Nature’s element specialize in honey and bee products too. We work closely with bee keepers who collect honey from remote places (away from big towns, airports and big roads). Our honey is collected twice a year. Our bright colour honey is from spring and darker colour is from autumn.