Freeze-dried foods & honey products

We bring affordable freeze-dried foods and honey to retail and wholesale in Ireland & Europe.

Nature’s Element

Nature’s Element is dedicated to delivering the healthiest and smartest superfoods at unbeatable prices.

What is freeze-drying?

Also known as lyophilization, is a technological process where products are dried in a vacuum at extremely low temperatures. Under these conditions, the frozen water in the food sublimates directly from solid to gas, preserving all the nutrients, food structure, and vitamins.

Our Honey

We collaborate closely with beekeepers who harvest honey from remote locations, far from large towns, airports, and major roads. Our honey is collected twice a year, with a bright-colored variety from the spring and a darker-colored variety from the autumn.

Bulk Order

We have our own freeze-drying facilities in Lithuania and Poland and can offer custom freeze-dried fruits or vegetables. With a capacity of 12 tons per day, we are ready to meet your needs. Please contact us for bulk pricing quotations.